El Gran Taco

Once known for owning the best taco stand in all of San Diego, El Gran Taco had a bit of misfortune when El Jefe used his business resources to buy El Gran Taco’s land and turned it into a parking lot. El Gran Taco swore on that day that his mask (and love of tacos) would not die until he found his revenge on El Jefe.

Mr. Explosivo

Having grown up just outside of Houston Texas, Mr. Explosivo was fascinated by fireworks as a child and met El Fuego on a trip to Tijuana. He introduced the love of explosions to El Fuego and a strong bong was formed. If he wins the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship, he vows to display the biggest fireworks show the world has ever seen!

El Gran Tiburón

“The Great Shark” spent many of his young adult years studying marine biology and understanding the complexities of the ocean. He chose the shark as his symbol out of respect for them. As the ultimate underwater predator, they instill the kind of fear that he would like to instill in his opponents. If El Gran Tiburón wins the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship, he is going to take some time off and pay for swimming lessons (no, he can’t swim…very sad, we know).

El Oso


La Pared

“The Wall” has never been accused of being graceful or coordinated (he’s a terrible dancer). But what he lacks in speed and grace, he makes up for in sheer size. There is a legend that tells the tale of a young man who was such a bad dancer at his sister’s quinceañera that his entire family just laughed and laughed. It is said that on this day, the “Wall” was born. Warning: Do not ask him to dance…Ever.

La Calavera

Legend says “The Skeleton” chose his name because he knows the true profession and origin of El Rey Del Dolor. He chose a skull as his mask to honor his deceased ancestors and to channel their power. Legend also says that he will choose Día Del Los Muertos as the day he defeats El Rey Del Dolor. Man, he is seriously not a fan of El Rey Del Dolor.

El Niño

“The Boy” is the nephew of El Gran Taco. El Niño has joined his uncle in his battle against El Jefe and will do anything necessary to win; even immature antics!


“Snake” is a close friend of Dragón Negro. Serpiente is so into his character that he had his teeth resemble fangs. Careful, he is a biter!

Macho Matador

When he was a child he read many stories about bullfighters and was mesmerized by their honor and courage. While his calling was to become a Luchador, he still secretly dreams of retiring to Spain and becoming the best matador the world has seen.

El Fuego

Growing up in Tijuana, “The Fire” loved music of the Mariachi. When he was a teenager, he tried to join in the band with El Ultimo Mariachi, but was humiliated by him. From that point, he decided he would find a way to embarrass him on the world stage. It was only natural that when his calling to wear the lucha mask came, he chose a persona that embodied his personality and his devious plan for El Ultimo Mariachi.

Mascara Roja

From a very young age Mascara Roja (or red mask in English) had been trained and prepared by his coach to be the ultimate Luchador and beat his longtime school bully Macho Matador. Sadly, he was never a creative kid…So it’s no surprise that when asked to pick his wrestling name, he went with his favorite color.

El Rey Del Dolor

“The King of Pain” is a very skillful wrestler. No one knows where he came from, or what he did before he came to the wrestling league… All we know is that aside from his mask, he looks to be wearing a white doctors coat and a stethoscope. Still, we do not know what he does when he’s not behind the mask! We just know he has another job…Shows up late to matches…and always looks like he’s wearing a doctors uniform. We really don’t know what he does outside of wrestling.

Dragón Negro

Growing up in Los Angeles, “Black Dragon” discovered a love for fantasy adventure books. It should be no surprise that when he was asked to choose his mask, he chose one of the most mythical and infamous creatures in all of fantasy literature: The Black Dragon.

La Noche Oscura

Rumor has it that the “Dark Night” grew up in a small town in New Mexico, where you could see over a million stars in the sky every night. He grew up in awe at the vastness of the stars and would like to someday visit outer space. Would not surprise us if he used his ¡Lucha Lucha! winnings to build a rocket ship!

La Espada de Luz

“The Sword of Light” grew up in El Paso, Texas but left home to study acting in London. Before the Lucha ring called to him, he was on his way to becoming a successful Shakespearean actor. Don’t be surprised to see him teamed up with his classmate Llorador!

El Jefe

“The Boss” is a rich businessman who is very powerful and has created many enemies. He entered the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to get justice for El Mágico and El Ladrón. He will not stop util they are dealt with accordingly, even if that means paying of other wrestlers to bring them to him!

El Mágico

As a kid, “The Magic” loved magic tricks. His love for sleight of hand lead him to hire El Lladrón to break into El Jefe’s large bank accounts to fund his magic tricks and the entry fee for the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship. He is a very tricky wrestler, so don’t be surprised to see disappearing acts from El Mágico.

Mr. Veneno

“Mr. Poison”… is devious. He’s been known to cheat during wrestling matches by using illegal and harmful substances. You may see him hiding flasks or jugs with XXX on it, or skull and crossbones…Beware, this guy does not fight fairly!

El Príncipe del Norte

“The Prince of the North” likes to dress like royalty and acts like it too. Don’t get on his wrong side, he has created a bunch of allies…

El Maestro

“The Teacher” likes to give his opponents “lessons” in the ring. Once the teacher of El Mágico, El Maestro now enters the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to show who the best Luchador is.

El Silencio

“The Silence” is a stealthy wrestler. He sneaks up on his opponents and delivers his final blow. If you aren’t careful, you will never see him coming!


The “Crier” or “Whiner” is a romantic at heart… Who just happens to not like wrestling or getting punched all the time. This is why he has created a very sneaky way of fighting in the ring. Don’t underestimate him, or your new name will be Llorador!

Rey de la Playa

“King of the Beach” is a total beach bum. A close friend of Caracol, he loves to spend his days sunbathing and surfing the Baja waves. When he heard of Caracol’s troubles with El Gran Tiburón, he decided to enter the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to help his friend.

El León

“The Lion” likes to intimidate his opponents with his roar. Growing up in Oaxaca, El León became fascinated with lions and their ferocity. When he chose his mask, he made sure to make it as close to a lion as possible. Don’t get caught admiring his mask or you will find out that you just lost the match!

El Ladrón

“The Thief” like to sneak up on his opponents and steal their lunch money! Then pile drives them… Yep, he’s that mean. El Ladrón teamed up with El Mágico in the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to bring down the empire El Jefe has created.

La Niña

The sister of El Niño, La Niña joined the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to help her uncle and protect her brother. She plans on using more strength and cunning to defeat El Jefe rather than her brother’s immature tactics. Beware, she is one tough cookie!

El Ultimo Mariachi

“The Last Mariachi” is only doing this wrestling gig until his music career takes off. Perhaps he should practice his wrestling moves more often than his singing?

La Araña

“The Spider” is a very fierce warrior… She is sleek and loves to draw her opponents near for her whimsical final move, the “Web of Death.” She would love to place La Niña in the Web of Death so she can finally be with El Niño!


“Shrimp” was a fisherman from Baja California when El Gran Tiburón mistakenly took his ship to go do research and returned it half sunken. Caracol spent all he had left to enter the ¡Lucha Lucha! Championship to teach El Gran Tiburón some manners. He may be the smallest wrestler in the ring, but he can pack a mean punch!


“Elephant” grew up in Tucson, Arizona. Even as a young child Elefante was a wrestler. He was the best in his school and then he met El Oso for a state wrestling tournament. Elefante lost that match by a small technicality: Dyslexic referee. From that point, Elefante counted (correctly mind you) down the days to have another match with El Oso. When asked to choose his mask, he chose the animal he related to: the Elephant. He never forgets…